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Michael Turner


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It most likely will be his last year here, so I hope all this saving him for the playoffs comes to fruition. Respect for what he has done for the organization.

Exactly...Falcons waited a year too long but with the hate Turner gets on here you would think he was Ray Edwards or Peerless Price.

#33 is one of the major reasons we have had success the past 5 years.

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Guest facelessman07

if you count his negative yards, hes well over a thousand

LMAO!! Very well could've been close to AP's production on the season

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There has been no run game this season, and the O line is just as much to blame as Turner

Run blocking has been terrible

My complaint with Turner is that in the first few yards of the run when the blocking is garbage instead of putting his head down and attacking the defense north-south and fighting for whatever yards are there, he just kind of tip-toes until he gets tackled

On the rare occasion that there is blocking Turner will get whatevers there and make big plays. Hes shown he can still rip off big runs when he gets his momentum going. When the D gets into the backfield and he cant get started he gets nothing

Turners had too many carries every season until now, which means he should be less worn down come playoffs, the problem is the run blocking isnt going to open any holes, especially against playoff teams

Turner has a cap hit of I believe 7.5 mil next season, and at age 30 that might be a problem. No one is going to take that salary in a trade, and we probably cant justify paying it. We might release him and let him try to get a starting job somewhere else or restructure to about half that cap hit

Turner deserves whatever money is in his contract hes the 1 person most responsible for taking this team from a joke to a real team, its pretty sad that he'll probably be cut because of the cap

Hopefully he gets a ring this year

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