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Just Tweeted Keith Brooking

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Pure ******. The Cowboys aren't even in the playoffs. Brooking has no chance at all to be an ex Falcon SB winner this year.

Worst Troll Ever.

Brooking is a Bronco.

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LOL at myself! Pure brainfart! Now that you put it THAT way, I totally know that!

I am the biggest dumbazz ever.wacko.png

It's all good man.....I once spent practically a whole thread calling our center "Doug" McClure......who I think is a dead Western movie actor.

Sorry Todd.

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The reaso I hate your opinion is because u can't seem to spell the name of the team you are on the board on with. It's FALCONS not foulcons. Get that **** right and I might respect you.

Remember when they fired Leeman Bennett

Remember when they Dan Reeves

Mick Vick Debacle

Petrino Debacle

40+ years without a back to back winning season

Eugene Robinson Debacle in super bowl

0-3 in playoffs

Thats why to me they are the foulcons

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