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Isn't Tom Brady one also?

Technically, no. He was drafted in 2000 and was fourth on the depth chart. By the end of the season, he had worked his way up to second. He played one series that season.

Bledsoe went down late in the fourth quarter of the Patriots' second game of 2001. Brady finished the game, though it was just one series. He was named the starter for the following game and never looked back.

I guess it depends on how you interpret "rookie" since Brady had no real NFL regular season game experience before taking over for Bledsoe. Still, he had been on the Patriots' roster for a full season prior to that and that has to count for something in the learning curve since he had been practicing on an NFL team for a full year before being named the starter.

Edit: Crap. Y'all beat me to it while I was typing. smile.png

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