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Falcons Vs Broncos

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If we do indeed make the Superbowl I fear it will be the 98 Superbowl rematch Denver and Atlanta...and this scares the **** out of me.Yeah sure we beat the Broncos in week 2 but they have become a much better team since then...I'm getting ahead of myself though I believe we will face the Seahawks and then the 49ers in the championship game

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They don't have much of a run game anymore with McGahee out. I loved Moreno at Georgia, but he has not translated well as an NFL runningback. That limits their offense more than the first time we played them. Even with Manning having to rely more on the passing game than last time, I still think we can top them. I would expect to see the amoeba defense again should we face them in the big game. Nolan showed that they knew how to run it, then put it in his back pocket for when we he needed to use it again.

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IF we do make it to the superbowl and IF it is the Broncos that sets up something VERY interesting.

The Broncos DC is Jack Del Rio who ofcourse was the Head Coach in Jacksonville....or hired Dirk Koetter.

Who also threw DK under the bus towards the end.

It would be a very very interesting game of chess....One Dk has already won this season. Round 2 would be super interesting.

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