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It's A New Season -- Divisional Round


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The playoffs are here, and we will be playing Washington, Minnesota, or Seattle. Here is a break down of the opponents and their losses:

Washington: STL, CIN, ATL, NYG, PIT, CAR

Minnesota: IND, WAS, TB, SEA, CHI, GB

Seattle: ARI, STL, SF, DET, MIA

As some other Message Board members have posted, the one thing all of these teams do well is run the football. Having said this, here is how I see us stopping each of these teams:

Defense: We have to maintain gap control for the zone blocking schemes and make sure we do not allow the cutback. If we do this, then it will put the pressure on the QB to continue drives. All three of these QB's have the ability to continue drives with their legs, with Wilson and RGIII being a real threat. With that said, I fully expect us to spy Wilson and RGIII. In passing situations, we need to be able to create pressure with our front 4 and we have to collapse the pocket and not give them a running lane to escape, make them win the game with their arm. On obvious passing downs, Nolan will have to confuse these QB's.

Offense: We have to get a lead early, and take away the running game. If we do this, these teams are not built to come from behind and score a lot of points (ala NO, GB, NE). When we run the ball, our OL, MUST control the POA, specifically on the interior. We have to attack the seams. I think we could use a two TE set, specifically with Chase Coffman and Gonzo to keep them honest. Most importantly, our offense must attack all the time, we have to get the defense on it's heals.

Special Team: We have to make sure we do not allow a block punt, or FG. We also need to get better yardage with Punt and Kick Returners.

Home Field Advantage: Our fans have to show up, we need the 12th man, in a big way. We have to take away their ability to communicate. The QB's are young, we have to make it hard for them mentally. The Falcon Fans will have to rise up and make some noise.

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