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In All Honesty Of The Atlanta Falcons

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Not having a consistent pass rush hasn't been a problem up until now so no reason to panic over losing abe. Who knows, one of the younger cats may step up if he's out. Everyone just has to play their part. Everyone knows you can run against the falcons so we have to find a way to counter it while not slacking in pass coverage.

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If at the begining of the season someone offered me a divisional playoff game, at home against a first or second year QB, with homefield in the Championship game ours too if we make it... I'd have taken it in an instant.

We did not play well against Tampa, or many other times this year. But we are in an excellent position!

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The OP is focused on objectives in our first playoff game, which will be defending the run.

Abraham 'can' help defend the read option well, though. Especially the backside pursuit as he is fast enough for contain and a vet for that sort of responsibility. Put him on one side and Kroy on the other.

Hopefully, it won't come down to 'very' limited or no snaps for Abe in 2 weeks. We'll just have to see.

Either way?

Somebody gotta play ball and do their job. Go get some! Stop the other team in your place. Period.

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