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Top 5 Offense And Defense Heading Into Playoffs

Kaptain Krazy

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Until they start determining Wins and Losses by something else, looking at Points Scored and Points Allowed makes the most sense to me. With that said,

Falcons finished #7 in Points Scored. Two teams ahead of ATL- NO and NYG- didn't make the playoffs, so the Falcons are in the top 5 of playoff teams.

Falcons finished 5th in Points Allowed. Chicago finished 3rd, but failed to make the playoffs, so ATL is in the top 4 of playoff teams.

Among the NFC playoff teams, WAS and GB scored more, while SEA and SF gave up fewer. If "balance" is a good thing, the Falcons should do well. They are the only team in the NFC playoffs to be top 5 in both categories.

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Based on that set of numbers we should win the SuperBowl.

However we all know that when the playoffs start it's all about gameplan and momentum. If you look at the Falcons, it's tough to say where they are right now. Their record was great, but in 2 of the 3 games they lost they looked completely out of synch and lackluster. I know you could throw out yesterday as an anomaly (god please let that one be an anomaly because it was putrid) so that basically leaves the Carolina loss as the only really bad game the team played this year. Against the good teams the Falcons played good enough to win. Against bad teams they held on and/or squeaked by but often looked terrible and unmotivated. There are no bad teams left in the tournament, so we should expect the very best effort from the Falcons.

Having said all that I have no clue which bunch of Falcons will hit the field in a couple weeks. We could romp somebody 42-10. We could lay an egg like we did 2 years ago when we had homefield advantage and pist it away. Hopefully we'll see the team that put the Giants out of its misery when they came here because that Falcons team was playing up to its potential, and is capable of beating any team in the NFL.

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