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What's Our Fight Song?


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Atlanta Falcons Fight Song

Go Falcons, Fight Falcons, Fight hard today.

Go Falcons, Win Falcons, Rise up for the fray.

Rise to glory, stand united, zoom to fame.

Mighty Falcons, noble Falcons win this game.

Go Falcons, fly Falcons, fly hard all the way.

Fight for you colors and score today.

Go! Go you Falcons.

Let’s win a victory.

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Bears have one, Redskins have one, Saints have one. Most NFL teams have one.

Actually, most NFL teams don't have an official fight song - and some that do have songs that are truly terrible. However, "Fly High, Falcons" is one of the better ones. When I attended the Falcons-Lions game in Detroit back on Dec. 22, the Lions played their fight song, "Gridiron Heroes" (a.k.a.: "Forward Down the Field") after each score, and the Lions fans, though generally depressed by their team's performance, really got into the song.

Yeah, I know the "Too Cool for School" types will sneer at "Fly High, Falcons," but I truly believe the Falcons should have a college-type, marching band, "Old School" song to rally the fans and players. "Fly High, Falcons" was a staple at Falcons games at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium for a long time. It would please me, and I know a lot of long-time Falcons faithful, to see the Falcons re-embrace the song.

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