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I Was Absolutely Furious When Abe Left The Game


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But after thinking, I could completely understand where Mike Smith was coming from when he played his starters. I was hoping we'd just hang 35 on their crappy team and let the clipboard master and Jason Snelling get some reps, but we didn't.

The whole team looked very unenergized, had a total lack of urgency and looked like they didn't really care (except for Spoon, Spoon is the man). I didn't see this lack of urgency against the Lions or Giants. We played very well in those games and it was an extremely uncharacteristic game for us to lose a game to an opponent we're clearly better than.

With that being said, I haven't really let this game effect my view on the playoffs. If Abe's injury is as minor as they say it is, he'll be back and we'll be totally healthy by the time the playoffs come. And us at home, in the playoffs on full blast, is a hard team to stop. I know one week we can be "WOW! WE'RE WINNING THE SUPER BOWL GUYS, WE'RE TOTALLY BEATING UP ON BAD TEAMS" and then the next we're "We're so going one and done - please fire Mike Smith" but the fact of the matter is, everyone has great games and everyone has bad games. Most good teams have bad games against weak competition, especially when the game itself is totally meaningless. NE vs Jacksonville last week, STL vs SEA this week, NE vs Arizona, SF vs STL. **** happens, especially if the opponent is divisional.

My mind isn't clouded, if Abe was hurt badly, then I'd probably be a big naysayer. But the thing is, this Falcons team can beat anyone, we'd have to play our BEST against GB/SF even at home, but it's the playoffs and Abe/Gonzo and these hungry veterans along with our young guys want it bad.

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couple things here.

we played pretty well today for playing half a@@ed and unmotivated. defense held martin to 36 yards at half.

we played with more energy than at CAR.

now the bucs didnt play as sharp as the panthers but this was their playoffs. john lynch said the bucs felt that they and the falcons were on even ground (which is b.s.) and they have talent.

also look how we played when motivated (ie NYG)

the fact that we were in a lot of tight games is a positive moving on.

we almost never loose back to back games...:)

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We won vs. TB to finish last year in dominating fashion.

Different team, W/L doesn't matter anyway in a 'meaningless' game. As far as he W/L column that is...

It was a free game to practice live for Atlanta. I know Smith viewed it that way on some level. Played to win, and now he can coach up the non-professional performance by those that slacked.

Despite overall 'team' not being 'that' bad today, there were some slackers. Game film doesn't lie.

Fact is, Atlanta's struggle IS trap games.

How will the playoffs be a trap game?

Falcons aren't scared of anyone and have been IN trap games BECAUSE of wanting to get to the playoffs already/get me a real opponent non-professionalism.

There is a reason Smith helps this team rebound from loss of focus weeks. It 'can' be a reflection on the coach, that there is loss of focus but it does happen to most teams not built to rely on close games in the first place.

Atlanta can win any sort of game. Fell 'just' short today actually.

However, they are built to go vertical more than they tried today. Some runs(9 runs were bad today out of 13 by the backs; 3 bad runs by Quizz, 4 by Turner, 2 by Snelling), lots of short-intermediate passing.

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