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Saints Deserve Congratulations For Another Record Breaking Season


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most of you guys have been respectful and humble this year, and you're all very admired, but...

i remember alot of comments before things went down the toilet, about the falcons d, spag vs nolan, curtis lofton..

so id like to congratulate the saints on having the worst d in history, a record breaking performance by the guy the saints chose over nolan...

bah ha!

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All kidding aside.who stays and who goes??

I figure there should be some major retooling pretty much in all 3 phases.

Jordan had a nice season, as did Lofton, and hicks looked good..... who do you guys think you will keep/let go?

Smith and Ellis - Gone

Harper and Vilma - restructure

Draft another DE, OLB, and CB.

More pressure on the QB and our DBs aren't trying to cover receivers for 30 seconds.

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