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Congrats To The Saints And Curtis Lofton On Their New Record...


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7042 yards, most yards against a D in NFL history. I'm sure it feels good to be apart of such a wonderful organization.


Curtis change teams so he could play on a team that had a chance to make the playoffs and a team with REAL FANS!! How does it feal now Curtis??? What a dumbars. LMAO!

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I went over to Saintsreport and they are drowning themselves in misery and trying to come up with stuff to make themselves feel better LOL . . . . . They are talking about our 0-3 record in the playoffs and losing to the Bus today (as if we tried), and the fact that they have a SB and got it before us. . . . .

It is like they are going to a bar and drowning out reality with alcohol LOL

Im loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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