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Mike Smith Needs To Get His $Hit Together


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Until today, the man was seemingly above criticism (similar to Bobby Cox). It was sacrilegious to question Mike Smith, the most successful head coach in Falcons history. The common response to any critique is some lame argument like "Mike Smith knows more about football than you." While that is undoubtedly true, his decision making throughout the past five years has been baffling at times. He's stubborn, stuck in his ways and I truly believe he is going to cost us in the playoffs where the margin of error is so small.

  • Remember the game where we missed the long FG instead of pooch punting? Samuel could have been seriously injured on the hail mary that should never have happened.
  • Starters playing the whole game...are you kidding me? Especially a veteran like Abraham, who is injury prone and one of the biggest keys to our defense!!!
  • Never willing to find an alternative. Sticking with Konz and not even TRYING anything else.
  • Sticking with Franks until last week.
  • Sticking with Rodgers on kickoff returns. We need somebody with acceleration/speed.
  • We have ten OL on the roster and don't even TRY any out at guard?? Are you kidding me.
  • Throwing the challenge flag and costing us a review.
  • The clock management over the past five years. WTF?
  • No trick plays, EVER. Never an element of surprise.
  • There are tons more but I don't jot this stuff down in a notebook.

To his credit, being loyal can payoff, like with Sam Baker and Matt Bosher; however, this is playoff time and if you don't get the job done, get out. Anything short of a Super Bowl appearance is not a step forward. I want the Falcons to succeed and I want Smith to face the scrutiny he deserves to get throughout the coming weeks. No more excuses, he has to make the right calls to make the team better during the games and not just "prepare" properly.

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