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Eggman, You Are Needed At Flowery Branch


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Fan base deserves a Smarter HC.

It just seems like when Smitty has a metal mistake its a huge one. When you sit back and really look at it its amazing we've been as good as we've been. At least we don't shoot ourselves in the foot with penalties and turnovers cause otherwise I'm not sure WHAT ELSE Smitty does for this team if he can't get them properly game-planed and motivated (It's Koiter and Nolan call the plays as I understand it).

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You should apply. I mean with your vast knowledge about football, you must have a line out your door with GMs and owners wanting to hire you.

Btw how many wins you got?

Shouldn't have been too hard to coach today's game. Christ, Turner up the middle every other play would have been adequate. Smitty gives an F- for his performance today.

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