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I have three points to make and that's it, but bear with me.

1. Mike Smith rarely loses back to back games. Not superstition, it's a proven statistic.

2.All of the previous playoff losses have been coming off of a win, and look how that turned out.

3. This same team played like crap against the Panthers and then dominated the Giants. They show up against good teams.

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I am taking nothing from a meaningless game vs. the Bucs. The game meant more to them than it did us and Abe's injury does hurt, but it won't hurt us as bad as if it was Ryan/Gonzo or someone else on the offense got hurt. Our defense keeps us in games but the offense wins them. We just need Babs/Peters/Bierman to step up. Nolan will probably blitz more with Abe out. As long as our secondary is still intact and Spoon/Nich are ready to go, we will be fine in the playoffs.

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