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Top Ten Reasons Falcons Going To Super Bowl....as Fans, Not Players!

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Yes it's me...the poster you love to hate. Oh yeah I only show up when Falcons lose because it pisses you all off even more..ok the top ten reason this clown can't play in the playoffs:

10. Falcons can't run the ball.

9. Falcons can't stop the run.

8. Falcons play like crap at home.

7. Falcons fans are the worst in NFL (see myself)

6. Falcons HC is just a scary beouch!

5. Falcons have no pass rush...and possibly even less

4. Falcons have no heart.

3. Falcons defense can not tackle.

2. There are 5 other NFC teams that are much better!

1. Falcons only scare themselves...no one else!!!

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