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I'm Just Here For The Meltdowns


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I will admit that i was disappointed by our lackluster play today, but this is why i said it doesn't matter if your play your starters or not, they are human, you look at how they played when games mattered, & when they didn't. I personally don't believe you can get "rusty" in 2 weeks after playing football for 5 months, but Smitty must have seen that in them. If you remember the last two years we beat Carolina 31-10, & Tampa 45-24, so blowout wins in the last game does not equate to playoff success. Obviously this loss is troublesome because we lost two key pieces to our already thin defense, for what? to prove something to fans. Those who don't believe the Falcons can win this year would not have been convinced with a victory over TB, so I'm not certain who he was trying to make a believer. Other than the huge injuries, I personally didn't care about this game, but I didn't want to spend the next two weeks listening to " how the Falcons will lose because this one game" When Dunta & "Deuce-Deuce" got injured on back to back plays, that would have been enough for me, but hey, we got 2 weeks to get this together, I still believe, but this game will make it a rough two weeks, heal up boys, you got some work to do

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