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Welp Abe Has A High Ankle Sprain He Will Be Out For A Playoff Game Or Two

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Totally unrelated but I needed somewhere to vent. I recently had knee surgery and I would love to know why so many poeple think they know more than my orthopedic surgeon that has 30 years of experience and works with Notre Dame athletes.

The worst is a lady I know studying to be an x-ray tech. Everything she has suggested has been totally irrelevant for my case.

Ok, end rant.

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My wife was a med student LMAO. Immature post by the OP.

Stop trying to defend it, you said he HAS a high ankle sprain in your title. If you really had any sense you would have made a thread something like "Potential High Ankle Sprain for Abraham?"

Would have made 100x more sense.

Stating it as fact is what makes the OP a ******* moron. He'll be no where to be found when Abe plays in 2 weeks. multiple sources saying it's minor was all a lie according to OP and his soon to be nurse, LOLOLOL.

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