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Why Even Play If This Is The Effort Level?


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If this is what thet are going to give? There is still such a MAJOR difference in us and say the class of the League...the Patriots. I think our owner can match theirs but thats about it. Mike Smith always goes into his conservative/scared shell. Ryan always stairs down is receivers when he is not on his game, the o-line nearly gets Ryan killed when they arent locked in...what a ridiculous half..why even dress to play for this crap? I sure hope we keep all starters on the sideline cause someone is going to get hurt if we play this way. I see why we dont get the respect sometimes...we put garbage out their way to often to be considered a powerhouse top of the lean that other teams would fear to play. No one is scared to play us in the GA Dome in the playoffs and rightfully so. We are good but not that good to be taking plays off...series off...and not paying attention to detail. The defense actually is showing effort, its the offense that is looking poor. So sick of it....We needed to play hard this game...we already have a bye, so thats 2 weeks off...I just expected more.

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