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2010 Playoff Loss To Gb

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Can someone correct me If I'm wrong.. Didn't we have a really bad storm before the GB game and it was kinda hard for the players to reach the Flowery branch and our practices were disturbed..

Again, I might be wrong about it

You are right, I remember Abe's car went in to a ditch. No one was hurt but Kroy Bierman had to take his truck to rescue him. The players couldn't get in and get out of the facility for two days. The storm pretty much crippled the city for 3 days.

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There was an icestorm the week prior that disrupted practice. A few players were stuck and couldn't get to practice.

It happened same week, I remember as there was snow on the side of the streets when packers landed in ATL. They joked about how it looks like their home town.

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Dude seriously turner only rushed for this long, why you still running him? You know if our soft zone can hold him to that,what the **** you think a real d will do? GOSH

Smith "ya know what bgv, you may be on to something"

next play Turner Delay

Set down, hut hut hike

Play goes behind tackle, to the right side, turner takes the ball, and turner is met in the backfield....

Mike Smith " you guys dont start flucking executing, we are going to put in someone who can" Thats it, rogers, your in Your blocking we need 13

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