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Countdown: 15/16 Days Til Falcons B-Slap The Stupidity Out Of The Talking Heads


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I live in New England, and all I hear on the radio is Pats this, Pats that right?

Most of the talking heads here think they can easily roll through the AFC in the playoffs.

Then when discussing the Superbowl, they concede the NFC is the overall conference, but they should be OK in the Superbowl too....some direct quotes...

"Teams like San Fran and Seattle might give us trouble because of the different dimension their QB's bring, along with their good defense"

"Greenbay has a good offense, and Rogers could do some damage on our secondary"

"Nobody in the NFC East scares us"

"We would have no problem handling the Falcons"

I cursed when I heard that last part...how pompous could someone be, your stupid team lost to the Cards at home, lost to Seattle, then got stomped by the 49'ers, and they dont even have the capability of being humble.

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