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Bought 1 Playoff Ticket Too Many.


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If you are interested it is in sec 312 row 22 seat 4

Selling for $80 even. Just paid 78.80 for it. If nobody wants it, I'll just put on ebay. Thought I would give one of our own a chance first. Just message me if interested. You can pay via PayPal and I can email ticket right then. Not scamming. Been posting here for a couple of years. :)

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OK, do I first send you the money and then you send me the ticket, or do you first send me the ticket and then I send you the money?

See the problem here?

I've posted here for the last few years. It is as simple as messaging me and I would give you my email and phone number. There is no problem here. I'm selling for $1.20 more than I paid. If I were scamming it would be for more than $80. Really?

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