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Probowl Rosters Tobe Announced Tonight At 7Pm On Nfl Network.


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I'm somewhat curious to see who gets selected from our squad and who gets snubbed. Having locked up the #1 I'm even less interested in this game with TB then I was in the Panthers game and we still had something to play for then.


In: Gonzo, Ryan, DeCoud

Snubs: Abe, Moore, Spoon, Roddy, Babs

Possibles: Julio, Asante

I'd be surprised if we see more then 4 in though.

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I bet Ryan doesn't get in. It will come down to like Manning, Rodgers and RG3 as the QB's. Remember, it's all a popularity contest.

There's no way in **** Eli Manning makes it in. One, fan voting is only 33% of the vote. And two, even Giants fans know how terrible he's been this season. If anyone somehow gets in over Ryan, it would probably be Brees. But I'm 95% sure it'll be Rodgers, Ryan, RGIII.

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Picking too many skill players and not enough OL. Our OL is going to be considered good because a lot of the top OL are out for the year in the NFC. Jason Peters, Kalil, Nicks, Joseph, etc.

QB - Ryan(on a side note, I would find it freaking hilarious if Alex Smith went)

RB - None

WR - None(CJ, Marshall, Dez)

TE - Gonzo

OL - Baker and Clabo both have a decent chance, maybe even Blaylock. I expect one of them to go with highest chance going to Baker.

DE - None

DT - None

LB - Maybe Spoon, but there are a lot of 3-4 LBs with better stats due to them being rush LBs

DB - Decoud, Moore

ST - None

I say 5, being Ryan, Baker, Gonzo, Decoud, Moore

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