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Roster Analysis After The Season


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So the season is almost over here's my thoughts on the roster.

QB - Matt Ryan = elite, one of the best QB this year with new o coordinator.

D. Davis = shown flashes in preseason, hope he becomes number 2 QB next year.

RB - Turner = legs are done, can't hit the hole like he used to, not dragging defenders anymore, and not blaming all on him but our o-line has declined in run blocking.

Quizz - shows he can make plays with his shiftiness and quickness, good at catching, decent at runs. But not proven he can carry 20 plus rush attempts.

Snelling - in his limited role he has excel in what we need him to do, catching, running and playing FB.

FB - Cox open up holes. ;)

WR - Roddy white = #2 WR this year after C Johnson, still a beast, you can argue B. Marshall is #2 this year but roddys last 4-5 years make him #2.

Julio Jones = what we gave up all the draft picks were worth it, he's slowing showing he can be THE GUY when Roddy declines which isn't happening until 5 more years.

Harry Douglas - I'm sorta dissappointed with him this season, questionable hands, when he catches and defenders engages him he losses yards. He ha only one good game and that was against Giants.

TE - Gonzo = he IMO is better than last year, still solid and a HOF player. He doesn't need to retire yet.

O-Line - Baker Is a STUD this year at LT! Healthy Baker is a breast!

LG- blalock is still solid, rarely any penalties on him, has been doing good since we drafted him.

C - McClure aka mud dog has been doing ok at his age, but we can upgrade here. Declined a bit from last year z

RG - Konz is a rookie and has been ups and downs but has more ups, his run blocking is great but his pass blocking can use work.

RT - Clabo!!! Was a beast last year but this year he has given up a few flags, lets hope he bounce back. Still solid.

DE- Abe = beast

Bierman = can play everywhere, not a lot of sacks but number 2 behind Abe, but has a lot of QB hurries.

Sid/Mass/Matthews = don't know cause they hvent been on the field to analyze.

DT - Babs is a wrecking machine, tackles for loss is his thing, he's underrated in the NFL. A beast!

Peters-declined from his past 2 years, maybe cause of the injury he had.

Jerry - bust, sorry he isn't a 1st rounder.

Walker - shows he can get sacks and disrupt the line, Robertson also.


OLB - Spoon is our best lb, leader and captain. Can do it all.

Nicholas is solid, but pass plays he's a liability, but he's still serviceable.

MLB - Dent started off this year as a scrub but more playing time he has improve and I saw a few plays where he tackles the RB in the backfield, we can upgrade here.


Asante = for a 7th rounder he's a big Time STEAL! Best CB we got!! Glad to have him.

Dunta= is having his best year with us, heavy hitter!

McClain = is our Brent Grimes coming out of nowhere and balling! Excellent nickel back !

Owens= Better than last year, cause he's not the nickel back this year, played well when Asante was out z

Franks = hot trash! Get him out of the A! ASAP!

Grimes = $10 million for one game, do we bring him back when our top 3 CBS without him are jelling?


Willy Moore and Decoud = best safety tandem in the league!

P - Bosher has a strong leg, has been consistent, and does all what the coaches tell him to. I think he can boot it out of the endZone with every kickoff but is asked not to for trying to get field advantage.

K Bryant, struggled early but has shown he's got the mojo back as being clutch!

What do u guys think?

And merry Christmas all!

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