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This Could Be Td's Toughest Offseason To Date?


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I'm bored so it may be kind of Early to look towards next year/offseason but we won't really play a meaningful game for two weeks. So even if we win the Superbowl this year TD will have a ton of very very tough decisions to make.

RB -Cut and Replace Turner?


I will say I'm very impressed with Baker but can he repeat his performance and stay healthy enough to justify getting a nice contract? Jake Long may be available to.

DL - Cameron Wake would be the guy I'd target. But Cliff Avirl would be nice to and a lot more expensive. But at the same time Kroy played pretty dam good this year to.

TE - Even if TG comes back its likely will be his last season so we need to get that guy for the Future. Jared Cook would be a steal if he hit the open Market highly unlikely though

CB/Safety - As much as I love the way William Moore is playing he is often injured so a hybird type of safety CB would be my choice or either bring Grimes back

Bring Grimes back? I would but not at huge money.

I don't want to say we have a lot of holes cause we really don't the guys are good. But I will say there are a lot of places we could upgrade or get younger.

To early to look at the draft(I really haven't yet as far as who's the top talents) but Turner and Clabo would be cut and Mclure let go. And Ryan resigned to a cap friendly contract which that alone should free up a nice chunk of money right there plus Grimes tag coming off the books.

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