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Tong Gonzalez Radio Interview Replay

Ergo Proxy

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Oh, yeah. Nicer way of saying to have balls to pick the Falcons. You pick them and they lose, you look like an idiot, people go on their feelings and the general opinion; which of course is shaped by irrelevant history and bias.

Atl loses with #1 seed to Packers. Everyone immediately thinks so SOLELY based on that.

Falcons are built different AND more importantly FUNCTION differently than that 2010 team. Defend the pass, pass the ball, pass protect, and win turnovers/commit few penalties. Those last 2 remain consistent, but ATL isn't an old school one dimensional team at running the ball/defending run with no concept of a pass D and only a play-action passing game.

Now, it's a more versatile passing system with a very well coached defensive group that is older with Moore/DeCoud into their prime, Samuel on the left and McClain at the Nickel instead of a struggling Chris Owens circa 2010.

No way in **** Green Bay or any lesser passing offense is going to walk into the Dome and throw all over the Falcons again.

They do and we get a minimum of 2 INTs and extra drives for our offense and we NOW can win a shootout.

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