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Welker/tg's Retirement


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Hey guys,

Does anyone see the falcons as a good landing place for welker in the offseason? It looks like the patriots may not be willing to pay him to bring him back. I know we already have great WRs, but with tony retiring I think welker could provide a similar 3rd down/red zone safety net that tony gave us. Assuming tony retires, we will have a nice chunk of $$$ free (maybe 6 million) because we won't be paying him. Matt has a quick release and is very accurate with the ball, I think the fit would be perfect.

One argument against this is that it may make it even more difficult to work HD into the offense. Another is that we would adjust to more 3/4 WR sets as he wouldn't line up as a potential blocker like tony.

I'd love to hear anyones thoughts about him, or how we adjust once tony retires even if we don't bring in a free agent. Roddy/JJ are great, but it seems clear to me that matt is more comfortable throwing to TG in the middle of the field.

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