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Arian Foster Blows


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Arian Foster has more 3rd and short conversions than any running back in the NFL. Turner doesn't even have 50% of Arian Fosters conversions. He is a shifty guy who can get a yard or two even when stuffed behind the OL. HOU off depends on AF to setup play action pass and most of the defenses focus to shut him down unlike the Falcons offense.

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Foster is largely a product of a zone blocking scheme and volume of carries. He isn't on the level of Peterson.

This I can and will and must agree with. . . . AP is THE BEST RB in the league yesterday, today, and for the foreseeable future. I wouldn't go as far as saying Foster is overrated, but I can understand your take on this. You know how it is when a player takes the league by storm. . . It isnt about what you can do for a few season s but what you can do over the long term and AP has been doing this waaaayy too long.

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Guest facelessman07

Same here. Might lose because of it.

Sad part is I had Darren Sproles sitting on my bench. Thankfully J Charles had a BEASTLY day and made up for it somewhat

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Easy to say, hard to prove.

Foster scored a TD in like 9 straight games. Bunch of yards. Makes people miss. Tough. Not the best RB in the league, but certainly top 10.

AF is on the money on 3rd downs, He is shifty enough to convert even when stuffed behind the line.

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