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Comparative Stats Them And Us


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Every game is different and every opponent

stacks up differently or should I say Stats up?

Here is a season to date look at the stats along

with the League Wide Ranking.

Naturally the stat book will fly out the window at 8:30 pm.


Defense: 27th

Scoring 27

YPG 337 12th

Rushing 119 18th

Passing 218 11th

FF 8

Int 11

Sacks 31

Offense: Ranked 14th

Scoring 23.6

YPG 407 2nd

Rushing 105 23rd

Passing 302 1st

3rd Down 42.5 8th

Penalties 97 26th


Defense: 4th

Scoring 18.5

YPG 355 19th

Rushing 125 24th

Passing 230 17th

FF 13

Int 18

Sacks 29

Offense: 7th

Scoring 27

YPG 378 7th

Rushing 90 29th

Passing 288 5th

3rd Down 46.4 2nd

Penalties 50 1st

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