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My Draft Order And Playoff Prediction

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saturday with nothing to do so let me forcast the draft order and predict the playoffs why not?

1.) kansas city 2-13 lose remaining games

2.) jacksonvile 2-13 lose remaing games

3.) oakland 4-12 lose remaining games carolina and san diego

4.) philadelphia 4-12 lose to washington and new york giants

5.) detroit 4-12 lose to atlanta and chicago

6.) cleveland 5-11 loses to denver and pittsburgh

7.) arizona 5-11 loses to chicago and san fransisco

8.) tennessee 6-10 loses to green bay and beats jacksonville

9.) new york jests 6-10 lose to san diego and buffalo (cant drum up any offense)

10.) buffalo 6-10 lose to miami and beat the jets

11.) carolina 6-10 beats oakland loses to new orleans

12.) san diego 7-9 beats the jets and oakland

13.) miami 7-9 beats buffalo and loses to new england (playing for home field no resting)

14.) tampa bay 7-9 lose to st louis but beats atlanta (we have nothing to play for week 17)

15.) new orleans 7-9 lose to dallas and beats carolina (dallas has more to play for and can

pressure brees)

16.) minnesots 8-8 loses to houston and green bay (fighting for a first round bye)

17.) cincinatti 8-8 loses to pittsburgh and baltimore (pittsburgh owns them and baltimore

will have ray lewis back so will play up fighting for the division)

18.) st louis 8-7-1 beat tampa bay and lose to seattle in seattle

19.) stl via washington 9-7 beat philly but lose to dallas week 17 (dallas coming on strong of late

and rgiii another hit from being done) this is where i am highly scepticle but i

believe dallas takes the rematch) notice stl could have back to back picks

20.) chicago 10-6 although they win out they miss the playoffs because nyg does also

21.) pittsburgh 9-7 win out to get wildcard but lose to new england in playoffs

22.) new york giants 10-6 beat both baltimore and philly but lose to san fransisco in a rematch

in the playoffs this time harbaugh is ready

23.) dallas 10-6 beat both new orleans and washington to take the division but lose to seattle

who is just a much better team

24.) indianapolis 10-6 beats kc but loses again to houston still getting the top wildcard spot but

loses to baltimore with ray lewis and suggs on the field the rookie will look

like a rookie

25.) baltimore 10-6 lose to the giants and then beats cincy to squeak out the division, beat indy

in the first round but lose to houston in the 2nd round

26.) seattle 11-5 beat sf and st louis but misses the division by one game still top wildard spot

and brings dallases season to an end only to have to fly cross country and

face the falcons who have all the critics that they cant win a playoff game

sends seattle packing by shutting down lynch and forcing wilson to make

too many mistakes thank you nolan

27.) san francisco 11-4-1 lose to seattle and beat arizona to win the division but lose first rnd

bye to green bay. beat the giants in a rematch to end all the here we go

again speech but then has to go to lambeau to face green bay and get sent

home. kaepernick meet clay mathews enough said.

28.) denver 13-3 win out with the easiest remaining schedule since new england lost to sf den

gets the first round bye and face new england head to head in the 2nd rnd

of the playoffs brady and bellicheck own manning denvers cindarella

season comes to an end

29.) green bay 12-4 win out, beat sf but then has to come to the dome for a repeat of two years

ago, this time we have nolan who schemes something rogers has not seen

before atlanta takes its revenge and are super bowl bound

30.) houston 13-3 win out have homefield throughout but have no answer for bellicheck

althought they get one step further than ever before new england make

it a repeat to the superbowl

31.) ?????????? my heart says atlanta wins it all, but my mind says smith vs bellicheck, ryan

vs brady, mcdaniels vs koetter. nolan vs bellicheck is the only matchup i like

here. so ill defer the last two spots


lets see how this plays out. thoughts?

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