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A Closer Look At This Lions Team...

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Record: 4-10

Home record: 2-4

Road record: 2-6

14th ranked Offense (Passing 1st, 21st Run)

26th ranked Defense (Passing 11th, Rushing 18th)

In hindsight the Lions have had one of the toughest schedules this year. Looking back at the 14 games they played 9 of those game were against what we know now are playoff caliber teams. They only won 1 of those games and that was against Seattle. In their 4 wins only one was decisive and that was against Jacksonville…all the other 3 wins were by 4 or less points.

Their only blowout loss was last week against Arizona (the team with no offense..go figure)but I didn’t watch all the games so the scores on some may have been worse than it looks. They actually had a few close games against really good teams. Also don’t forget they play in a tough division with Packers, Vikings and Bears.

I think Atlanta is a bad match up for the Lions, however if we come out and pull produce a Carolina type performance they are fully capable of blowing us out. The only real question is will the Falcons play down to the Lions?

Falcons need to protect Ryan and establish the run game (more for the playoffs than anything). Stop the run and shutdown Megatron. I think they can beat the Lions doing less but going into the plays its time to ball.

Avril could be a factor but I don’t expect much from Suh. Gonzalez should have a huge day and reach 1,000 yards, I think he needs 120.

Allowing Johnson to get 182 yards today would not be good for our secondary entering the playoffs. Nolan knows this I look for the secondary to anticipate passes to Johnson and jump some routes. The defense will get 3 INT’s and one will be a pick 6 (my bold prediction). Might see 2-3 sacks today as well. Should be a fun game for Falcons fans.

Falcons 31, Lions 10

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This has been a tough year for them. They had pretty high expectations but then their offensive skill players started dropping like flies. They definitely have talent, but they need to get away from their strict BPA draft strategy and start focusing in at positions of need. It makes no sense to draft Young and Broyles in the 2nd round in back to back drafts when they have so many glaring issues in the secondary and an aging O-line.

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Stafford isn't seeing the field well right now so I think the Falcons D will do very well against the Lions O. If we can get up 10-14 points, they will quit and fall apart.

I can't blame him too much for that. His #2-4 WR, one of which was actively sabotaging plays because he didn't think he was getting the ball enough, are all done for the season, Pettigrew hasn't lived up to expectations, Best's career is pretty much over, and Leshoure isn't providing much of a running game to help him out. Defenses can focus on Megatron and Stafford is trying to force way too many passes to him since he doesn't have anywhere else to go with it.

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This team can and will move the ball. They are #2 in the NFL, averaging 402 yards per game. that being said, they are not converting those yards into points due to a sub-par offensive line, no running game and an absence of talented receivers behind CJ. So once the field shrinks inside the red zone, the Lions offense tends to stall. Unfortunately for Detroit, we have a defense which thrived in the red zone. We also have an unbelievable gameplan for cerebral quarterbacks who make their living in the pocket. We will get multiple picks tonight.

Prediction: the Lions will gain more yards than the Falcons; however, the better team prevails. Falcons win, 30-20...

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