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Teddy Bruschi Bold Prediction Nfl Live


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I had to transcribe this from the video.

Tedy: Falcons shut down Lions offense (C. Johnson under 100 Rec. yards - Stafford: 4 Int)

"I'm gonna say Calvin Johnson gets shut down under 100 receiving yards. If he's to break the record it's gonna be next week because this Atlanta Falcons secondary, Dunte Robinson, Asante Samuel, they're legit. 4 interceptions off of Stafford."

Brushci was also giving our D props on NFL 32 today.

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I'm not a big fan of Willie McGinest because of some off the wall things he has said but when I watched NFL Network earlier this week when he did the top 5 defenses of the week (us being #1) he basically said we have a defense that could take us to the super bowl and win it. Maybe he used super bowl caliber in any case the only caveat was that he would like to see us get better on 3rd downs. For once I agree with him, if we show up like we did against the giants AND improve on not giving up the big play on some 3rd downs the sky is the limit for this defense. We have a very good secondary even if Robinson has some off moments and Asante gets out of position now and then. Those two are fun to watch because that big play or big hit is right around the corner. Then DeCoud coming up with interceptions. Heck I haven't even got to Kroy who seems to always be in the backfield and Abe being, well Abe. Love it.

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