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Its Good To Be A Falcon


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Been following the Falcons since '78. THESE are the glory years. There's never been another time in ATL history when we as fans could depend on such consistent success. As a lifelong fan of the team, i tend to keep expectations low. Surveying this year's schedule, i thought anything better than 10-6 would be a very good regular season, but thought it would take significant injuries to keep the Falcons from winning at least 9 games. THAT is a new feeling for Falcons fans - winning seasons used to be something we wished for, now being above .500 is the floor of our expectations.

Sure, we all are disappointed with the lack of platoff success. But unlike previous eras of good runs (1978-1982, 1991-1995, 2002-2004), i no longer have dread concerning when the Falcons will get another chance to make a run. Now, the Falcons are in the mix every year.

the trolls on this board who claim to be Falcons fans but never have anything positive to say about this team don't know much about the NFL.

Alot of other teams are fighting just to get into the playoffs, one loss and its over. Isnt it nice to know our team has locked it in and with a win Saturday...homefield. Not a team in the NFL who would love to ve in our shoes. Go Falcons!

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Guest Negatorris

Setting: Christmas dinner at Archie Manning's house

Subject of conversation: Those **** Falcons!


It's awesome how they grew up in NO as Aints fans too.

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