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Do We Break The Bank For Willy Mo Or Give Hon Am Offer And Stick To It?


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Guest facelessman07

I'd like to keep him around, and I think he may give us a little discount.

However, I'd like to know our salary cap status first before I play fantasy GM

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Safetys dont break the bank.

If they do, they go to Oakland.

We'll re-sign him to a fair, lucrative contract for a good 5 years or so.

Agree. I don't think WillyMo is going to be a problem to negotiate a multi-year deal with. I wouldn't be surprised if he got a few offers to go elsewhere though.

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Guest Negatorris

WillyMo won't break the bank. I'm sure he wants to stay in ATL for sure, so he and TD will work out a reasonable deal. He does deserve some good money though. I just wish he could stay on the field for a full season.

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Steve, you are starting to come around.

Last few posts of yours i have read have been great. Very positive.

I'm sorry for dogging you so bad after the Giants game.

I got no problem with you, bro. I think 99% of us "regulars" here are hard-core Falcon fans and we're are all on the same page as far as wanting to see this team succeed despite having radically different personalities and points of view, especially after emotionally charged losses like the Panther's game. I suffered severe emotional trauma after that one and spewed a lot of venom in here because of it.

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Turner will not be a Falcon in 2013. There will be more surprise moves coming up after what we have seen from some good developments of players. I believe that they will let Grimes walk. Despite Dunta playing more improved from last year, they will probally put pressure on him to restructure his contract for a second time if he wants to stay. with those few thing said, Willy mo will get a good deal because despite injuries when on field he plays at highlevel.

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When it comes to contracts, the NFL stands for "not for long". These guys know that their window for making big money is very small. Friendship and such should not enter into the discussion. You also have to remember, our GM comes from the Patriots. If he follows their scheme, they will make the guy a fair offer, but we will not break the bank for him, or anyone else.

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Use low ball Dimi tactics. We might really need to this time because we have to:

-re-sign WillyMo

-extend Ryan (could be a $10-18M hit in 2013)

-deal with the expiring contracts of four of our six cornerbacks

-deal with the expiring contracts of SackMaker, McClure and VeeTek

-handle RobbinUs' $10.4M cap hit

-address the expiring contracts of all of our TEs, including TonyG

-handle Turner's $8M cap hit

-eat $4M in RayRay money

-re-sign Vance

-deal with eight other 2013 free agents

-sign the 2013 draft class

-start with a low available 2013 cap number (supposedly around $10M)

It won't be easy.

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