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Saints Vs Cowboys In The Sean Payton Bowl.


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Its funny Romo hasnt thought about Payton as coach, but they had to ask which in turn makes him think about it.

I fan over at the cowboys forums (yes i figured out where they where, no i didnt sign up for a account). Actually suggests the Saints should throw this game. Because if the Cowboys win it increases the odds they will keep garret.

Yes im digging bottom on the barrel here but for drama its amazing that the media is actually talking about this.

Even more amazing is fans thinking their opponent will tank a game on purpose.

Slow day for news i guess. Its almost disrespcting to the Saints to suggest their coach choice lies on this game. If payton goes to Cowboys it will be because 1) Money $$$$$$ 2) location 3) all the extra crap jones throws in to get him there.

But i dont think that game has any relevance besides adding drama to the game to give us a reason to care about it.

I more wanna see if cowboys win "the fans will swear garrett is god" If they lose "do they jump on the fire garret train even before playing the skins?"

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