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Playing Scared, The Patriots Way.


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Looking at this weeks odds, the Patriots are a resounding

14.5 point favorite against the Jaguars.

Hint: This is known as the blow out game of the season.

Bella Chicky and Tom Terrific lost to the 49'ers last

week and you know that somebody is sho nuff gonna have to pay.

So how far will Brady boy take this?

Is he going to secure the season leader in

passing yards, completions and TD's in this one game?

I think that they are egotistical and will go for it, and If they do this to the Jags,

I will then lose all respect for Robert Kraft and all of his staff and players.

(We had the Giants down 34 zip and could have scored again, but we took the high road

and ended the game with out dissin the Giants.)

I will give the Pats 41 points and after that if the main starters are no pulled from the game,

then the hate will be on.

Y'all know how I feel about the Aints, Philly and Dallas

(in that order) This weekend could change all of that cept the Aints.

If the Pats do not do this then one thing will be resoundingly clear.

They will be cowards at heart and that will be the begining of the end of their current regime.

Smitty is a Good Sportsman, and that my friends follows you everywhere you go in all walks of life.

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Guest facelessman07

Ehh...I still believe its the defense's job to stop Brady. If Bellichick decides to keep the starters in I have no issue with it. This is a big boy game

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