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Just Occurred To Me Anyone Else Notice?

The O.D.B

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Going back to our 1st game I recall seeing allot of QBs we faced this year who were frazzled enough by our defense that they couldn't come close to hitting a wide open receiver. I seem to recall Freeman had 2 wide open receivers in the end zone and he tossed up a garbage ball on both plays that didn't come close. Breezy also tossed garbage at several of his receivers and Eli as well. Bad passes are a part of the game but when you can't hit a wide-open guy you know the defense is in your head.

Nolan must be doing some interesting stuff in Pass coverage to get these guys so nervous. Thoughts?


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I'll tell you something interesting about the DeCoud interception, and it might be a pretty good indication of why the Falcons have given up some big runs this year.

The Giants were in a double TE set, with a single back and 2 WRs. The Falcons lined up in what looked like a 4-3 formation with a Safety in the box, but they actually had nickle personnel on the field. Robert McClain, of all people, was lined up where the ROLB would normally have been, and Spoon was in the middle.

Up 14-0, the Falcons were just daring the Giants to run the ball, and the Giants still threw it....with disastrous results.

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