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Trent Richardson

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hey, im just throwing out ideas here. haha didnt seem like too much of a madden trade. maybe in a few years he ends up like MarShawn Lynch. Lynch struggled in Buffalo then ended up in Seattle and became a star

I'm not trying to get on you, but no. He hasn't been on the Browns for a full year and he's already the face of the franchise. No team is ever trading their top pick after only 1 year. And why would we want a RB for a #1?

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Anyone think we have a shot to grab Richardson from Cleveland for a 1st round pick?

No, why does this keep coming up? I've heard nobody say Trent Richardson is a locker room cancer or has off field issues. Is it because he is not Adrian Peterson? Nobody is Adrian Peterson. Richardson has not lit it up but he gets more than a year. There is no trade to be made.

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