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Heath Evans Opens His Tweet (Mouth)

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May have been worse if Roddy was full health and ATL didn't sit on the ball to end the game.

Easily could have been 50+ points. Atlanta left some points on the field to be sure...

However, people look at the rushing yardage as a total and think ATL sucks.

It's SIMPLY a function of having allowed big runs. It's a scheme problem. Teams don't just line up and RUN OVER the Falcons.

In my observations, it is simply a learning curve with all of the pre-snap movement Nolan's defense does to keep guys in the right gap.

When the Falcons get out of position, the let the other guy go untouched for nearly 10 yards. When our front 4 and front 7 overall are in their correct assignments, Atlanta is hard to run against.

Adjust to Nolan's system and avoid being out of position, cut down on that overall yardage since so much has come in big chunks.

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Well it's OK I guess to make really stupid statements like that. After all since Evans played the game, you would expect him to realize that we won that game in the trenches. It wouldn't matter who you put in that Giant offense. We owned em in the trenches all game long on both sides.

Game over when you do that in the NFL. Somebody tweet Heath and give him a lesson in NFL football.

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