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Falcons Defense Vs Super Bowl Mvp Qbs


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In 4 games this year versus the Broncos, Giants and Saints (x2), This Falcons Defense has made Super Bowl winning and MVP quarterbacks look flat out silly and confused.

Lets look at the stats

Week 2 vs Peyton Manning

24/37 - 241yds - 6.5YPA - 3 INT - 1TD - 58.5QBR - 3 Sacks

Weeks 10 and 13 vs Drew Brees

49/82 - 639yds - 7.8YPA - 6 INT - 3TD - 66.05QBR - 2 Sacks * Yes week 10 Drew Brees Torched us*

Week 14 Vs Eli Manning

13/25 - 161yds - 6.4YPA - 2 INT - 0TD - 38.9QBR - 1 Sack

As you'll notice the dominant games were at home but as long as we get HFA we won't have to worry about playing on the road.

Mike Nolan's schemes are proving to be quite effective vs ELITE quarterbacks and its got me pretty excited for the playoffs. Gone are the days where opposing QBs throw up ridiculous completion percentages vs our D and complete passes at will to wide open receivers and I cannot be any happier about that.

Now all we need to do is scheme better vs Mobile Qbs (RG3, Russell Wilson) and I am confident this Defense can take us to the Super Bowl.

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