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Favorite Moments Of Game?


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The interceptions.

Every throw by Matt Ryan

Gonzo posterizing a ref

And the Snelling run at the end of the game. Beast mode.

Snelling refused to be stopped short of the first. It was sweet.

Also loved the deep throw to Roddy in the third. It was an incomplete pass, but it told me that they were not trying to sit on the lead. A couple of plays later, Ryan goes deep again to Jones for the TD.

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Can't decide between:

  • - Spoon trucking David Wilson
  • - resulting Assante Samuel pick
  • - Tynes shanking the FG
  • - 4th and short, rejected
  • - Decoud's leaping pick
  • - Cox's somersault
  • - 4th and short, the sequel
  • - the Hall of Famer's TD grab
  • - the 37 yard bomb to Harry Douglas
  • - the Hall of Famer's stiff arm face smush
  • - the 40 yard bomb to Julio
  • - Chris Hope, the skullcracker
  • - 4th and short, what, you again?
  • - D. Franks excellent defended pass on 3rd down
  • - Biermann sacking Eli
  • - Julio's 'scuse me, sir, I have a TD to catch
  • - Abraham's Tyson punch forced fumble
  • - seeing the scoreboard read 34-0 0:00


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