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Nfc Playoff Simulator: How I See It Playing Out......


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here is the way I see it(I call winners/losers) and the way that ESPN Playoff Simulator interprets the seedings:


Falcons(away) over Lions

Packers(home) over Titans

Niners(road) lose to Seahawks

Redskins(road) over Eagles

Chicago(road) over Cardinals

Giants(road) lose to Ravens

Cowboys(home) over Saints


Falcons(home) lose to Bucs (rest starters in 2nd half)

Packers(road) beat Vikings

Niners(home) beat Cardinals

Redskins(home) beat Cowboys

Seahwaks(home) beat Rams

Bears(away) lose to Lions

Giants(home) over Eagles

Cowboys(road) lose to Skins

NFC Playoff Seedings:

#1-Atlanta Falcons (13-3) - homefield throughout

#2-Green Bay Packers (12-4) - first round bye

#6-Chicago Bears(9-7) @ #3 San Francisco Niners(11-4-1)

#5-Seattle Seahawks(11-5) @ #4 Washington Redskins (10-6)

Just Missed:

Dallas Cowboys (9-7)

NY Giants (9-7)

That is how I see it......obviously anything can happen. Giants could beat the Ravens, Niners could beat the Seahawks, etc.....Bears just have to go 1-1 and facing Detroit/Cards on road - surely they can do that - must have tiebreaker on Giants/Cowboys. Bears are probablygetting in if they go 1-1 and they are in if they go 2-0.

the above is my best guess.

Falcons would likely get the winner of the Redskins and Seahawks. I would rather face the Redskins....both teams present our defense with similiar problems - dynamic QB who can run/pass and very good run game - the difference is defense - Seahawks are much better on defense.

Dream scenario(I think) is Bears getting in and somehow upset the Niners or Packers for us (the team that does not get the first round bye).

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So we could meet Hawks (Running and passing QB Wilson) or RG3 (Running and Passing QB).... oh shoot..

best scenario for Falcons is somehow the Cowboys get in over Skins - but don't think that will happen. I don't think Giants get in at all - they don't do well in the tiebreakers either.

I could see Redskins tripping up with a home game against a potentially similiarly motivated Cowboys team or a trap game on road in Philly.

Either way, I think we are on a collision course for game with the Seahawks - who are not as dominant on the road as they are at home - but very, very good team - and very, very hot team right now.

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I agree with all of these except the last 2.

Ravens are beat up, can't score points, and the Giants will come in angry against Baltimore. Giants win.

Saints aren't officially eliminated (yet) and will beat down the Cowboys, thus ending the Cowboys' playoff bid.

I could absolutely see it.....to me those are coin-flip games - I just think Saints defense is bad and Cowboys are at home with much more to play for. If Cowboys win out, they are making the playoffs - they have a hard road to get there, but its do-able.

As far as Ravens/Giants go, I'm more inclined to agree with you here. Ravens are making the playoffs no matter what - and that team is playing really bad football now and just fired their offensive coordinator in mid-season.

Giants need to go 2-0 and get help. Still, playing a quality opponent on the road when your team is so helter-skelter does not bode well.......but Giants could win and still could get to playoffs. Obviously if Giants get by Ravens they should win in week#17 with a home game versus Eagles.

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even if Giants win out, don't see them getting in - certainly possible though....even one loss and Giants are toast.

you are wrong if the giants win out they are in because of their conference record anars they can get in at 9-7 if the cowboys go 8-8 and the bears lose a game

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Falcons need to take care of business Saturday night against Detroit Lions and then use week #17 to just work on the running game and run defense.

We need to get healthy - maybe we could rest all the ailing guys like William Moore, Assante Samuel and even possibly Julio - who seems like he is always hurt - even though he played great yesterday. Roddy could use some rest as well.

If Matt goes down in next two weeks, we are cooked......the sooner we clinch, the better.

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Giants will be wild card team if they win out because of Chicago loss yesterday. Giants won't win NFC East with out DAL or Redskins losing a game.

one of them (Skins/Boyz) has to lose - they play each other in Week#17. I'm really rooting for Ravens to put the death nail in the Giants this week.

I know we just stomped the guts out of the Giants, but would like to see them gone for good measure.

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you are wrong if the giants win out they are in because of their conference record anars they can get in at 9-7 if the cowboys go 8-8 and the bears lose a game

of course there are multiple scenarios. I don't see Bears losing to both Cardinals and Lions - i guess anything is possible but Bears should be able to get to 9 wins.

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Regardless, its nice that we get to sit back (as fans) and watch the dust settle to see who squeezes into the playoffs. Funny to me that the Aints, Vikings, and even the Rams could still possibly get the 6th seed. I will agree with you that I think we will be seeing Seattle in the Divisional game the way things are shaping up right now. Like you said they have been on fire, but Wilson is still a rookie and at home I give the advantage to Nolan and the D. I was saying this before yesterday, but it holds true even more now. I just don't see us losing our opening playoff game regardless of who we play. Too many people with bad tastes in their mouths. I think we see a game like yesterday in the Divisional game, whooping the pants off someone.

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I have no idea what is going to happen in the NFC East, but I think our 1st matchup will be against the Seahawks. Of course, they have struggled on the road, so they may get beat.

If the Giants get in as the 6th seed,they have beaten the Packers/Niners already, so they could do it again. I don't necessarily want to play the Giants again, and I would just assume the Niners/Pack play one another in the division round. Obviously anything is possible.

Last time we were #1 seed our opponent went from dream scenario (Seahawks) to nightmare (Packers) when they beat the Eagles. Still too early to know what might happen.

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