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My Mother Passed This Past Saturday @ 3:05Am

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There's been a reason I haven't been here for awhile. I had the privilege of bringing my Mom home from the hospital when it was finally determined there was nothing more the doctors could do. My 2 sisters flew in from Colorado & Australia and we had 11 wonderful days with her holding court with all her kids and many of her grandkids and a few great grandkids at her bediside. She passed very, very peacefully with her 3 children and our spouses at her bedside.

If any of you are estranged from your parents, there's still time for you to reconcile! I know for myself, as sad as I am today, I KNOW I did everything humanly possible to make sure this dear, dear woman was loved unconditionally. Yeah, she drove me crazy at times and we stood toe to toe many times, mad as **** at one another, but for 58 years she was ALWAYS there for me and I'll treasure every second I ever had with her...Forever.

I apologize for posting this in the football forum we have here, but as important as this is to all of us, in the grand scheme, it's importance is miniscule when compared to the importance of our families and Loved ones.

Below is the obituary my sisters and I wrote for my wonderful Mom:

1003874673-01-1_20121217.jpgGARWOOD, Ruth Rowena left this earthly plane on Dec. 15, 2012,with her children at her bedside. Born in 1920 in Convoy, Ohio, Ruth was the dearly loved mother of Joy Schilling (Glen) of Colorado, Linda Barter (Peter) of Australia, and John F. Williams Jr. (Sherrie) of Belleair Bluffs. She is survived by 12 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Ruth married John F. Williams Sr. in 1944 after both served in the U.S. Army. She moved to many cities throughout their marriage as she followed John's career with NCR. Ruth and John enjoyed gatherings and trips with many close friends. They settled in Clearwater in 1969 and began Paper Roll Supplies, Inc, headed by their son, John Jr. After John Sr.'s death in 1980, Ruth married Gar Garwood in 1983. They enjoyed many travels together including Colorado, Michigan and Australia. Ruth is survived by Gar and his children, Kip, Greg and Roger; as well as 4 grandchildren; and 1 great-grand-child. Ruth loved sewing, entertaining, cooking and card playing. She was an insightful woman of intellect, a broad-minded person, who could nail you with a look and melt your heart with a smile. Ruth is lovingly remembered for her beautiful, stylish presence. She was a distinguished lady of grace and dignity. Her sense of humor, wicked wink and quick laughter made many a merry occasion. She is most remembered by her family for her steadfast loyalty and love for every member, throughout all the trials and triumphs of life. Sylvan Abbey Funeral Home, Clearwater, FL 33759. Flowers, Gifts and On Line Tribute Sylvanabbey.com.

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