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Negatives And Positives

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Wow what a game! It was my first game at the Dome! I came all the way from Denmark to watch this and it was worth every penny i spent. I even got a signed Matt Ryan helmet!!! Im so excited. Now to recap the game.


We NEVER took our foot off the gas. We played hard every second of the game. Hopefully a change of philosophy for Smitty.

Matt Ryan can throw every pass. His deep ball is amazing and his arm has greatly improved.

The defense is focused. They never stopped playing, and gave it all they got for all 60 minutes.

Loved the way our offensive line played today. Handled one of the best DLines in the game gracefully and gave Ryan enough time to let the plays develop. Encouraging!!!

Ryan broke the franchise record for most passing yards in a season. Grats to him! The best QB the Falcons have ever had.


Dominique Franks. Man he runs scared on those punt returns.


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This was about the biggest win in a big game I can remember. Made all the more sweet because the whole team played up to their potential and the coaches came up with a creative, aggressive game plan on both sides of the ball. Franks once again proved he needs to be cut or sent to the PS, but fortunately he didn't make any difference in the game.

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