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3 1000 Yard Receivers...yes?


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How many teams have had 3 1000 yard receivers? It would be awesome if Tony gets there.

Happened 4 times.

1980 Chargers: John Jefferson (1,340), Kellen Winslow (1,290), Charlie Joiner (1,132).

1989 Redskins: Art Monk (1,196), Gary Clark (1,229), Ricky Sanders (1,138).

1995 Falcons: Terance Mathis (1,039), Bert Emanuel (1,039), Eric Metcalf (1,189).

2004 Colts: Marvin Harrison (1,113), Brandon Stokely (1,077), Reggie Wayne (1,210).

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I didn't think Holt had a 1,000 the year Faulk did, but I'm probably wrong. Also, it seems like everyone always forgets about Fitz/Boldin/Breaston. That was a huge year for Warner and the Cards.

i did forget about that one. good call.....poor Breaston can't even get on the field as a Chief nowadays....

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