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You Guys Know Why Today Is A Great(Not Good) Day For Falcons Fans?


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It's a great day because the Falcons won convincingly over an opponent that the pundits respect and thus should shut the pundits up until playoff time, and the bonus is I think the NO Saints are officially out of the playoff(at least I can't find a scenario where they can make it at 8-8 now). Yeah the Falcons might be one and done in the playoff, but at least they got there. Brees, Lofton, and the rest of NO Saints, you all can enjoy the playoff from the comfort of your couch like the rest of your fans. Who dat my @ss!

***Edit*** Look like there is still 1 scenario left for NO to make it. Man they are like cockroaches that's so hard to get rid. Guess I'll just have to wait for later tonight or next week to make it official.

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