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Look For The Giants To Pressure Ryan All Day, But...

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It's no secret. Pressure Ryan and the offense shuts down. We have no running game to offset the Giants pass rush. Here is what the offense can do...quick passes underneath, slants and of course screens. Turner must contribute and NOT ride the bench. He simply has to get going.

On defense Moore being out is huge. Wilson's scares the crap out of me I would have rather seen Bradshaw. If we can't get pressure on Manning we will not win. We have to make him make mistakes...Asante could be instrumental with this and I am sure he has preped other DBs. We have to be physical with their receivers and can'tb afford Wilson to control the clock. The crowd has to be a factor today.

I believe the Falcons come to play today and become revalent again. This game is key to our playoff success period. The dirt birds will rise....

Falcon: 38, Giants 17

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A few things need to happen we should involve Jacquizz Rogers early and make NY think twice about teeing off on Matty Ice did you guys see how Washington beat them? Make them hesitate to come after the QB easier said than done. The offensive line and Matt Ryan need to collectively play better and rise up to the occasion. Finally it doesn't matter who it is but whoever the ball is to needs to execute and make whatever play they're looking for to happen. Coaches need to be on point and this is an area I am not really concerned with too much. Defense I believe will take care of itself this is one of those games and really the rest of our season is riding on our offense it is time for the guys up front to block better and for Matt Ryan to play better the excuses I am done with the time is now so RISE UP!! GO FALCONS

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