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Koetter As Eagles' Next Head Coach?


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Link http://www.nj.com/times-sports/index.ssf/2012/12/eckel_atlanta_falcons_oc_dirk.html

Eagles fans — with not much else to do — should watch today’s Giants at Atlanta game with a different perspective.

Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, who the cameras will be on a few times for sure, may be the best of many candidates to take over as Eagles head coach next season.

Hey, listen, I don’t know Koetter. I’ve never met him, never even interviewed him, so this isn’t an endorsement for a friend. It’s just that his résumé seems to be exactly what the Eagles like — and should be looking for — in their next head coach.

There seems to be a working sentiment for Chip Kelly, the current University of Oregon head coach whose gimmick offense has driven college defenses crazy the past few years.

I’m not so sure.

If I’m going into the college ranks for a coach, Kelly wouldn’t be my first choice, might not even be my first Kelly.

Stanford’s David Shaw, whose father, Willie, was a long-time defensive coordinator and actually interviewed for the Eagles job that went to Andy Reid, would be high on my list. Word in Palo Alto is that Shaw likes the college ranks, however, and plans to stay there for a while.

So let’s get back to Koetter. I’ll give him the edge over San Francisco’s Greg Roman, Houston’s Rick Dennison, Denver’s Mike McCoy and any other qualified assistant, as the man to replace Reid and rebuild the Eagles.

Koetter, 53, and the son of a football coach, appears to have the complete package. He was a successful head college coach at both Boise State, where he built the Broncos into the elite program they are today, and Arizona State.

In three years at Boise, he won two division titles and two Bowl games.

From there, he went to the desert where he took the Sun Devils to four Bowl games and won two. The major college head coaching experience is there and so is the NFL assistant experience.

Koetter left ASU in 2007 amidst some off-the-field turmoil and became the offensive coordinator of the Jacksonville Jaguars. In his first year with the Jags, he helped quarterback David Garrard become a Pro Bowl player with a 102.2 quarterback rating. He also oversaw the development of running back Maurice Jones-Drew into the one of the league’s best backs. If nothing else, his offenses were balanced.

Now, he’s with Atlanta, as the offensive coordinator, and it’s no coincidence that Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is enjoying his finest season yet, with a career-best 94.8 quarterback rating, a career-high 302 yards passing per game and a completion percentage of 67.7 percent, also a career-best.

As a whole, the Falcons are ranked eighth in the league in total offense and fourth in the league in passing offense. That’s up from 10th and eighth last year and 16th and 14th in 2010 when the team went 13-3.

Koetter’s offensive principles — known as the “4 Verticals” — rely on sending four receivers down field and a quarterback who can get the ball to them. In order for it to work, you also need a strong running back. And the screen pass can be vital as well.

All of that sounds like a good fit for the Eagles, especially once the offensive line gets healthy and maybe adds an early draft pick.

Last year in the playoffs, Ryan and the Falcons offense faced the Giants and didn’t score a point in a 24-2 loss. This whole season for Atlanta has been about getting back to that point and showing it can win. Today isn’t a playoff game, but it’s another shot at the team that embarrassed them in last year’s postseason.

It’s also a chance for Koetter to show what he can do against that Giants defense that shut them out a year ago. Eagles fans might want to give it a look.

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If our offense performs well in the playoffs, who knows. But right now, they've been struggling.

We are struggling, greatly. The thing I liked about the article is it gives me a different perspective on this offense.

I think the #1,2,3,4 and 5 reasons we are struggling is an under powered O-line. With an effective O-Line, the Falcons would be a scary team.

Nolan has done more with smoke and mirrors on defense than Koetter has on offense. It's harder to use deception when our front 5 can not block their 4 guys.

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"Hey, listen, I don’t know Koetter. I’ve never met him, never even interviewed him,"

Quit reading right there. A good HC has to have certain intangible qualities, and you should see if someone has them before writing such an article.

ATL needs to improve their run blocking, on question. Kotetter did great things with MJD, and seems to understand the value of the run. Hopefully a strong draft, addressing both lines is in store....

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