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Hey guys!

I just arrived here in Atlanta from Europe, and I am going to see the game against the Giants tomorrow. Any tips for tailgating I might want to know about? Would be a real help :)

Cant wait to watch my dirty birds play for the first time!!! Go Falcons


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Im from Denmark smile.png Been a passionate fan for years so finally getting a chance to see them live is huge for me!!!

See that is to cool man. People around here don't understand what it means to travel that far for a game. Its like I said , get there super early. Walk around the lots and talk to people. Wear your Falcon gear and tell them your story. I guarantee you get in on some tailgating. Just make sure you get in your seats before the game actually starts. We will need all the voice you have sir. I hope you go home and cannot talk.

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Thanks guys! Cant wait to get loud and support the Falcons smile.png Been a dream for me to see Ryan and co. in action!

Yeah. I will be there too and probably will lose my voice. Just follow the directions on the screen if your not sure when to make noise. Make noise when Defense is on the field and try to be quiet when Offense is on the field.

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