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Coach Jimmy Johnson Once Said...


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"If you're ever in a fight with a 500-lb gorilla, you don't ever hit him lightly...you hit him with everything you got!!"

Outside of the Saints, the New York Giants represent this year's regular season 500-lb gorilla for the Falcons. They were the school bully who took the Falcons' lunch money last year. To beat them, its going to take each phase firing with all cylinders. I don't believe in saving schemes and plays for the playoffs...especially with HFA on the line. This team needs to start building momentum and confidence for the playoffs.

The Falcons play a lot like my golf game, which is what frustrates the heck out of me. If my driving off the tee is good, then my putting stinks. If I'm putting well then I can't hit worth a crap with my irons. I can never put together a complete game and I know at the heart of it is confidence or lack thereof. The Falcons are the same way. If the offense is playing well, then the defense is off and vice versa. If the Falcons are defending the pass well, then they are getting gashed by the run. I'm getting sick of hearing Mike Smith tell me that if the Falcons didn't play well in an area of the game, then it was "uncharacteristic" of this team or that they need to play for 60 minutes. I actually think Smith uses "uncharacteristic" more than he uses "the process". In my opinion, it is characteristic of this year's Falcons to be an under achiever despite their 11-2 record.

Enough is enough! Its time for this team to start playing complementary football where all three phases are playing up to their potential at the same time and feeding off of each other. There's no time like the present to do so, because the true 500-lb gorilla is winning in the playoffs and I think we all would like to get that monkey off our backs.

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