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We Should All Be Grateful For Life And Love One Another

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I'm just sitting here at the computer, feeling numb, imagining being an eight year old and trying to understand why my best friend is gone forever. Imagining barely being able to conceive notions of life and death, but watching life extinguished from their classmates, that hollow feeling...or being one of those kids that got shot, of suffering and not even knowing why...my stomach is all twisted and I legit feel sick right now. These kids'll never be the same. There are twenty or so shallow graves out there with limp little bodies to go in them, husks that could have been engineers, or football players, or the next Ian MacKaye, or Steve Jobs, or a missionary, or even a lifetime Walmart worker with a dog they love, or the last person their parent saw on their deathbed, holding their hand, kids that could've been something...

but now they won't

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